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Graduate Institute of Sports Equipment Technology

We have 7 full-time faculty members (3 professors, 3 associate professors, and 1 assistant professor) with PhD degrees and 3 part-time faculty members from sports equipment industry.


Full-time faculty members



Dr. Wei-Hua Ho

 (Professor and Chair)

Structure of the human body

Sports intelligence information  gathering

Handball Exercise Science

Dr. Yi-Cheng Chen (Professor)

Sports equipment functional design

Motion detection surfaces

Sports equipment Patent Analysis

Dr. Chiang Liu


Exercise prescription design

Baseball Science

Dr. Yung-Shen Tsai

(Associate Professor)

Motor behavior and motion control

Dr. Ching-Ting Hsu

(Associate Professor)

Attitude Identification and Tracking

Bioinformatics Identification

Video and image processing / encoding

Dr. Pao-Hung Chung

(Associate Professor)

Sports Biomechanics

Interactive Motion Analysis

Sensor's Technology

Sports Marketing

Dr. Wan-Chin Chen

(Assistant Professor)

Sports Biomechanics

Sports Injury Protection

Sport Training

Motion Technical Analysis