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About Us



The Graduate Institute of Sports Equipment Technology was established in 2004 for the purpose of providing excellent education and training for students to enter the sports equipment industry. This is in accordance with the goal of the University to cultivate excellent students to join the sports industry to meet the requirements of improving national development. Students who graduate from this institute will learn 5 abilities related to sports equipment technology: professional knowledge, innovation and R&D capability, practical experience in this industry, teamwork and multidisciplinary integration, and global vision and working capability.


Course Design

Students will learn the following  after finishing all course requirements:

1.   Academic skills in humanities, mechanics, and electronics required for developing sports equipment

2.   Practical experience of developing sports equipment

3.   Practical experience in the sports equipment industry

4.   Teamwork and multidisciplinary integration capability

5.   Global vision and language capability


Core Competence

1.    To enhance students’ professional knowledge and strengthen their competence in sports equipment technology

2.    To build students’ R&D capability and improve their learning capabilities

3.    To increase students’ practical experience and develop their capabilities in combining theory and practice

4.    To emphasize students’ holistic education and teach them to have teamwork, independent thinking, and innovative design capabilities

5.    To expand students’ global vision and improve their social care, interpersonal communication, and language expression capabilities